04 November 2014

Amarone Speri Monte Sant’Urbano 2010 in “Top 100 Cellar Selections” of Wine Enthusiast

Once again, the Amarone Speri is in the "Top 100 Cellar Selections" of Wine Enthusiast, the famous American magazine for wine lovers (we remember that Speri was in this prestigious list in 2012).

Wine Enthusiast knows that our culture is obsessed with the present, often favoring instant gratification over distant pleasure. Wine Enthusiast wants to help wine lovers to rediscover the pleasure of waiting; is not easy or cheap to keep a cellar stocked with selections worthy of future enjoyment, but for true wine lovers laying wine down is a mandatory exercise one with a return that is priceless.

In 2014 Wine Enthusiast rewiewed more than 17,000 wines, only a 6 percent were selected to be in the Cellar Selection; on this selection, Wine Enthusiast choose the best 100 wines to collect and to keep for the long ageing.

Amarone Speri Monte Sant’ Urbano 2010 gets a score of 94/100.