18 February 2016

On Korean air you drink Speri

Amarone Vigneto Monte Sant'urbano 2010 was selected by Korean Air for the Wine List of the first class.
Only 14 are the top wines in this list, selected among wines from around the world and Amarone Vigneto Monte Sant'Urbano is the only Italian wine.
In February, Beyond, the in-flight magazine, dedicated the section "Incredible Truths about wine" to Amarone Speri, called "a hidden Treasure".
The sommelier Bang Jin-sik, Korean Air’s consultant for in-flight
wine, speak about the history of the family from XIX century to today, speaks of Veronese pergola and marogne (terraces) typical of the Sant'Urbano vineyard, tells the organic farming and quality that family managed to maintain and improve generation after generation, he cites the reviews that Amarone Speri got in time and we appreciate the further important recognition that is surely to have been included on this prestigious Wine List.