13 May 2017

“Wine Awards for Friends” from magazine Feinschmecker to Amarone Families

For the first time in 15 years the influential German magazine Feinschmecker awarded an Italian association. Two weeks ago, in Cologne, the Amarone Families were rewarded with the "Wine Award for Friends" by Feinschmecker.

This is an example that will make history because it recognizes merit and commitment to the group of 13 historical producers of Amarone; they affirm the value of a denomination in restaurants and wine shops around the world, and on the most prestigious magazines and oenological guides. The magazine selected the Amarone Families because they are a strong and close group, recognized by the markets and international critics for the important commitment to Valpolicella.

Speri winery, with colleagues from the Association, is proud to receive this award. The “Wine Awards for Friends” recognizes the goodness of the work of groups in the wine sector that work together for their own territory.

Speri winery is firmly convinced about the efficiency of the close work that Amarone Families have been doing since 2009 and that the commitment of the group's promotion is surely in favor of whole Valpolicella, a wonderful land that give us extraordinary landscapes and excellent products, that only here can born. We have the duty to promote the richness of our region, to give the best in the production of our wines and to make it known abroad.