The grapes

Speri uses only grapes from the Valpolicella zone to make its wines. In addition to the three traditional grape varieties, Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara, small quantities of other lesser known but long-standing varieties are used like Oseleta, Rossanella, Pelara, Cabrosina, etc.

The Corvina is considered the most important vine variety due to its tannin content and pigments. It imparts fruity aromas, particularly when it is cultivated on the hills.
The Rondinella is able to adapt to many types of terrain, to withstand drought and lends itself quite well to drying. It is vigorous and very prolific.
The Molinara is mainly used for the distinctive flavour and crispness it gives the wine.

“The good grape” by Bruno Barbieri

In 2006 the book “The good grape” was published, a joint project between Speri and the chef Bruno Barbieri aiming to rediscover the indigenous varieties of Valpolicella and to revive them in the chef’s extraordinary dishes.