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The Wines

The ancient grape drying method

The centuries-old method of production of Amarone and Recioto della Valpolicella is unique in red wine production.

The best bunches are carefully selected by hand and placed on traditional “arele” (mats) or on plastic plateaux (trays) and are left to dry for around 120 days in the well-ventilated fruttai (grape drying rooms) under controlled humidity conditions. This completely natural process takes place in the winter period. The low temperature is fundamental in increasing the concentration, maintaining the original, aromatic qualities of our indigenous grape varieties. During this process, approximately 40% of the humidity is lost with a consequent concentration in sugars, tannin and other substances – the starting point for a great wine.
As this is a very delicate process, in order to achieve the best results it is obviously necessary to pick grapes which are perfectly healthy and strong. The seasonal trend of the year, the position of the vineyard and the selection of the best bunches are factors which determine the success of these wines.

The fact that Speri Amarone and Recioto have earned an excellent reputation is not by coincidence: they are only produced in the best vintage years and solely from carefully selected grapes from the vineyards of the most prestigious estates.