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This is one of the most significant Valpolicella Superiore in the area and is obtained from the grapes of the Sant’Urbano vineyard. The grapes are left to dry for around 20-25 days, concentrating the flavors and enriching the aromas and softness, which find the perfect balance after approximately two years of ageing. It is a wine, which stands out for its remarkable elegance and complexity.

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The Monte Sant’Urbano property in the municipality of Fumane, located on a hill at between 280 and 350 m./a.s.l.,The average age of the vines is high.

Grape Varieties

Corvina Veronese e Corvinone 75%,
Rondinella 20%,
Molinara 5%.


Manual picking is followed by 25-30 days’ drying of the grapes. In November, these are destemmed and pressed and fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.


24 months in 500 l. French oak barrels. Maturation in bottle for 6 months.

Alcohol Content

13,5% vol.

Tasting Note

A deep ruby red color with a broad and intense bouquet redolent of fruit and aromatic herbs. There are spicy hints on the firm and forthright - yet rounded and elegant – palate.

Serving Suggestions

It goes perfectly with all grilled red meats, braised meats, roasts and cheeses.